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As one of the leading production companies in the field of filling yarns, technical twists and paper yarns, Max Süss supplies the cable industry worldwide with Made in Germany products.

Max Süss – Tradition has got a name

Since 1863, when Max Süss was founded, the company has been a producer of ribbons tapes, strands and lace-work for many years. Production of paper yarn began in 1916, giving the company a new and enhanced profile. Today, the main products are industrial yarns for the cable-, carpet- and packaging industry. Max Süss is strong in PP-filler yarns, cotton-yarns and Polyester- binderyarns and ripcords. We strive to meet the requirements of our customers with new ideas and future product developments.

Numbers and Facts

Yarns and threads are our passion. With our team - consisting of 29 employees - we produce more than 8 tons per day. For this, we fall back on more than 3,000 m² of closed production process and state-of-the-art storage areas, equipped with the latest machines in twisting and coil technology. Home to our company is a 9,000 m² plot in the small town Sehmatal-Cranzahl in the Ore Mountains, in the eastern part of Germany, near the Czech border.

29Staff members
24workinghours per day
155years of company age
1800tons of yarn per year

Our Services

Thanks to a DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 certified quality management system, experienced Professional staff and active management, which works with an integrated ERP system, we are the ideal partner for our customers. We work 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, to exceed the high standards of ourselves and always aim to be the first choice in the world Area of ​​technical threads and ropes to be.

Services + Technology

We will inform you soon here about our services and technologies at Max Süss. Content follows soon. Our Website is still under construction.

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Our Products

Special yarns and tears for industrial use. We offer high quality filling yarns for cables, from PP yarns, cotton and polyester yarns to tearing or binding yarns on. In addition, we can make any yarn from any desired raw material and in any Produce presentation.

Cotton Filler yarn

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Cable Filler Yarns

With our specialized manufacturer of high technology textiles and yarns, we offer a wide range...

Yarns + Cords for Industrial applications - Quality Made in Germany (Erzgebirge)

Our Partners

  • Schmitz IV
  • Sales Agent - USA
  • Sales Agent - Spain
Yarns for the cable industry

PP cable filler yarns | Polyester Binder yarns | Ultra low shrinkage Ripcords.


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